About Me

Fresh aka Fresh The Dj has been soaking up the limelight since age 11.


As a native of Birmingham, Al. Fresh was introduced to music at an early age, and to the mixing board at age 6, by his older brother Marco. At age 9 he was a member of R&B group, Mysfitz (w/ Ybn Nahmir).


At age 11, mirroring radio personality CJ The Sticman, he was dj’ing at his parents lounge. Stickman, as his mentor, was so impressed with Fresh’s eagerness to learn and ability to operate a mixer that he took him under his wing as his protege.


At 14, Fresh had created a name for himself by dj’ing events throughout the city. His parents hired professional managers and moved to Atlanta where they felt his growth could excel. Fresh took Atlanta by storm Dj’ing school events, celebrity events, skating rinks and more.


At age 16, Fresh landed his first job as a radio personality, hosting his very own daily show “The Beat Down” at Jamz 101.1. With only several months at his job, dreams came true at age 17 when his cousin YBN Nahmir’s music went viral. Nahmir made sure Fresh was there as they vowed as kids to bolster each other’s goals as they progress. They reside in Los Angeles and have been touring the world since.


In addition to things he’s working towards, in 2018 he launched “Frewt Loop” room spray and opened “Fresh Studios”, in Atlanta. In the near future there is more to come. Fresh says “I am gravitating to music production, and yes, I have more plans but I’ll take my parents advise to Show it; Not tell it “.


Fresh does have a few wishes: He would love to have his own youth Dj summer camp; be able to assist more with the homeless ; and for his team to stay strong humble, and keep winning.


As his name grows in and around the southern area, the pieces have begun to fall into place for Fresh. His parents packed up and moved to Atlanta Ga, to pursue his music career, where he is currently managed by Off The Chain Management, LLC.


“Moving to a large city has given me the freedom to be myself and give me much room to grow,” he declares. That freedom allows Fresh the space to experiment. He reflects, “There’s a lot of trial and error that goes into being a DJ. It’s not as easy as people may think. It’s more work than I thought it was going to be in the beginning, but it’s all worth it.”


Vince is currently working on a mix tape series, which is a combination of old school & new school with a touch of his Swag, one that is sure to win him the notoriety that is demanded by listeners today. Vince says, “I’m gaining momentum, with my career and excited; because there are a lot of places music can take me in life.” Being nationally known in the music industry is something he has always dreamed of and he will not stop until he just that “NATIONALLY KNOWN!” Even then he vows dedication 100%.